Crew Management

We take care of recruitment, selection and supplying competent seafarers to different kind of vessels and others activities such as ensure compliance according to IMO Requirements, planning and coordination of crew changes, travel arrangements, health care insurance & administrative aspects.


Open Cargoes is aware of the value of seafarers not only as members of a crew on board but as a fundamental part of the company, since it is due to their competencies, knowledge, skills and experience that the goal of operating vessels safely and efficiently is achieved.

Employment Packages

We work in alliance with shipowners companies to offer competitive employment packages, which include international standard wages, insurance and medical plans, education and training, among others.


The employers are in charge of managing all the particularities related to the crew: personal information, documentation and certification of the crew members, contract information, medical insurance, embarkation and disembarkation, transfers, repatriation, performance evaluation on board.


Our platform offer to seafarers employment opportunities in accordance with each position onboard in several type of vessel. We invite you to register on the website and join to Open Cargoes’ Community. You will be search and find job vacancies at sea.


According to your employment package you will obtain benefits such as: leave pay & bonus (annual, study support, loyalty). Moreover, We offer savings and retirement plans as per your requirements.

OC Crew Management

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Open Cargoes is the tool that can help both shipping companies and seafarers to manage the development of that constant requirement that translates into labor demand and supply on board ships.

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